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Pm Awas Yojna App: Facebook(Meta) AD Implemented


What you get inside this package.

  • Last Update: 09-Sept-2023
  • Facebook(Meta) AD Implemented.
  • Include LottieFile Library.
  • 100% JAVA Code Based.
  • Include 15 Days of Customer Support.
  • 100 Apps Making with this template.
  • Include Auto Rating System.

1,999.00 incl. Tax


In this app, you will get a splash screen After that directly move the HomeActivity.

In this HomeScreen, you will find a YouTube button on the top, By clicking on which button you can increase the subscriber on your YouTube channel, right next to the same button, you will find the menu, inside which you are given below in detail.
1. About
2. share app
3. Rate Us
4. Give Feedback
5. More Apps
6. disclaimer
7. Privacy Policy

Now in the HomeScreen, you will see an Amdob Banner AD at the bottom, which will create your revenue, and at the same time, on clicking on the title of the items you are seeing in the list, you will be sent to a new screen, where has been told about.

On this new screen, you will get to read about that title in detail, After that, you will get a button at the top, after which you will open the website related to that title.

As soon as your users stay on this webview page and do something about it, till then under the same webview you will see a Facebook(Meta) Banner AD, which will increase your revenue continuously.

Also, when a user comes to the webview page after reading about the webview and when users press the back button then users will get on Facebook(Meta) Interstitial Ad and the app owner gets more revenue from this application.

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